Walking Directions from Garland Hall to Center Building

Walking Directions to the Center Building
A .pdf and printer friendly version exists here.
1. Head out from the basement of Garland Hall towards Calhoun.
2. Turn right and head towards 21st Ave.
3. Go between the Law School and Owen Business School.
4. When you go past the Law School round-a-bout, and get to the parking lot, head left.
5. When you get to the brick sidewalk, turn right and cross 21st Ave. using the cross walk.
6. Cross the parking lot to the far side (left side) of the Center Building and head around the wall.
         a. Center Building has the big red awning out front.
7. Take the last entrance on your left, go through 2 doors, and the 1st door on the right is where we are located. 270 Center Building.